Authentic cooking with a highly individual soul and character: that is what you have learned to expect from Bovis. Stylish, naturally but not unnecessarily complicated.
You are here to eat, after all.


Over in the kitchen we have deliberately chosen to use only top-quality meat. Our beef is acknowledged for its delicate flavour. This meat from a cow with a maximum age of four has a more tender texture, while being richer and juicier than bull meat.

Our meat is accompanied with hand-cut fries, cooked, of course, in beef fat. Quality is the operative word, as we already mentioned.


Our wine menu is equally outstanding. Irrespective of the label, origin, reputation, prizes, reviews … The quality is in the bottle. Full stop. Apart from the purely technical considerations, we seek wines that have a story to tell: evocative of their 'locality', the passion and character of the winegrower... We refuse to serve anonymous, sterile, technically perfect wines: we offer only authentic, vibrant wines with a soul and character, just like Bovis.


Belgian blue beef, Black Aberdeen Angus, Blonde D'Aquitaine, Holstein, Rubia and Simmenthal reach maturity according to the dry aging technique: the carcasses are kept for three-four weeks in dedicated cold rooms, where the moisture and temperature levels are constantly under scrutiny.

We also serve Canadian horsemeat, Belgian veal and Duroc d'olive pork,


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